Custom Velcro Patches Revolutionize Fasteners


Custom patch (sample)

There are many different companies that manufacture velcro patches. Custom velcro patches with Flex Systems is a leading provider of these patches. Flex systems is one of the very first companies in the USA that made these patches and really started a revolution. Custom velcro patches are used in so many applications in many different industries. Everything from military uniforms to common fasteners used around the house. Flex systems also specialize in a wide variety of PVC Patches made in the USA. You can see there location on the map below.

Here is the history of velcro patches that will teach you a little bit about how they were discovered. Velcro, a hook and loop fastener, was developed by George de Mestral, a Swiss engineer in 1941. His idea was the result of a hunting trip in the Alps. He noticed that the burrs were sticking to his clothes as well as his dog’s fur. Later when he examined the burrs under the microscope, he noticed hundred of hooks that would catch on anything with a loop such as hair or clothing. He realized the potential of binding two materials together once he figured out how to reproduce the hooks and loops.

Mestral did not receive a lot of support for his idea. Initially, he used cotton strips but they did not work well. His second choice was nylon which had many more advantages. Nylon did not rot or break down easily. Although, nylon was a relatively new product, he discovered that when under an infrared light, the nylon formed small hook shapes. For the loops, he discovered that the nylon when woven in loop had to be cut so that they could be fastened easily.

In order, to be cost effective, it took Mestral ten years to mechanize the process. He applied for a patent in 1951, and it was granted in 1955. he open manufacturing shops throughout Europe, and in 1957 entered the USA market. People referred to this new fastener as the  “zipper less zipper.”

It is interesting to not that these fasteners become much more popular when used by the aerospace industry. NASA gave fasteners their popularity, and unfortunately were credited with its discovery which is inaccurate. The US military used velcro on all combat uniforms until recently.