This page used to host Lyons Limited Antique Prints. The shop was established in 1968 in Palo Alto, California. They used to sell paintings that you can browse by subject, by artist, or by price. They had over six hundred thousand prints in their inventory, which have been categorized into over twenty main divisions.

What was interesting about Lyons Limited collection of prints was that they also wrote short biographies of the artists they feature. In the page where they list all these artists, they explained the possible approaches to collecting graphic art. It was probably a guide on how to start collecting, for after all, if you feel a connection to the author’s life as well (not just his or her art), you would want to have more of his or her works in your possession.

Their brief introduction to these authors then help in placing the artists in the era he or she practiced, and the techniques used. For some artists, they have as much as a hundred and fifty works included in the collection, but others only have at least one. The prices of these prints vary from under a hundred dollars to over two thousand dollars.

The last featured painting in their home page was of Maria Sibylla Merian, a German born naturalist and scientific illustrator. Her works, which included engravings of plants in the 17th century, have been instrumental in revolutionizing discoveries in both botany and zoology. Though at her time an interest in insects was unusual and frowned upon, she collected and observed live insects and made detailed drawings of them.

Merian and her younger daughter actually went to South America (without a male companion, which was a rather great deal at the time) and studied the animals and plants specimens she read about, in their natural habitat. This exploration led to more accurate illustrations that earned her international respect when she published her first work Insects of Surinam in 1705.

Lyons Limited also sold various books and gift cards which looked very fascinating as well. Lovers of the past would have really loved this site and the gift shop because of all the rich source of historical information in print – with both texts and illustrations.

These books, cards and gifts were divided into different categories as well. If you love reading about American history, Oriental art as viewed by the West, Botany, Architecture, Zoology, and more, you would be sure to find something for your taste here.

They sold framing services for their antique prints, but also for personal artwork of their clients as well. Their custom matting and framing are known throughout the country, and their expert staff works with clients on these design projects along with the fine custom matting and framing. They have a wide range of hand-carved mouldings made from steel, wood and leaves. Their conservation mats are also made of quality silk, linen and French matting.

The firm achieved their objectives through both the California gallery and their online store. Lyons Limited wanted to provide clients exceptional customer service by being the resource of fine and decorative prints for both retail and trade clients. They have been featured in tons of magazines for their wide-ranging art collection, and have been part of Art Antique Shows as well. The owners have also held lectures on these antique shows about the identification and valuation of antique prints that the audience may find in their collection.

After over forty years in existence, Lyons Limited had become one of the largest and oldest companies in the antique print industry. Their gallery in Palo Alto continually exhibits their art and antiques.